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Therapeutic Orientation/ Treatment Methods:

A client centered therapeutic orientation guides my work. I place emphasis on the client's current perception and how we live in the here-and-now. I believe that we have a remarkable capacity for self-healing and personal growth.

My approach is holistic, strength based and solution focused. I emphasize strengths and potential rather than problems. I work with adolescents, and adults to better cope with stress, to raise self-awareness, and to ease feelings of anxiety and depression.

My approach includes mindfulness practices, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Internal Family Systems Model (IFS) methods, and skill building in the following areas:

  • Relaxation Techniques: Mind and Body
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness/Assertiveness training to address social & relationship issues
  • Mindfulness for increasing awareness & to explore thinking, emotions and habits
  • Self Compassion/ Self Care
  • Rethinking: challenging & changing beliefs that prevent you from creating the life you want
  • Emotional regulation/Anger management
  • Setting boundaries: with self and in relationships
  • Conflict resolution
  • Decision making

I conceptualize EMDR as an integrated therapy that includes bilateral brain stimulation to link distress in one part of the brain to a solution in another part of the brain.

For more information about EMDR go to: https://www.emdria.org/default.aspx/ 

For more information about Internal Family Systems Model (IFS) go to:  http://www.selfleadership.org/the-larger-self.html

Fostering a greater sense of self and mutual understanding with those around us, further provides us with opportunities for mutual empowerment. By increasing our self-understanding, we ultimately increase our sense of how to relate to others. By recognizing and nurturing our core self qualities like clarity, connection, courage, calmness, creativity and compassion we connect with our inner wisdom and release rigid roles. This allows us to be more flexible in our behavior, thoughts and feelings and be more in charge of our lives

Why might I want to go to therapy?

Most people have developed coping skills and ways of navigating their way through life. The variety of methods people use is wide-ranging, and what has worked in the past may not be useful now.

Would you like to feel more connected to yourself, others and the world you live in?

Do you sometimes feel you are on autopilot and would like more control over your destination in life?

Are you feeling Stuck? Hopeless Angry? Anxious? Overwhelmed?

Do you struggle with finding your voice and using it?

Are you struggling with disruptive sleep and dreams?

Are you experiencing challenges, conflict and problems that require new solutions?

Life often brings challenges, conflict and problems. Problems are a part of life. It is how we handle a problem that makes all the difference. Therapy may help you discover new solutions to old problems.

Individual Sessions- 55 minute sessions weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as agreed. Therapy includes working on exploring thinking, emotions and habits while working together to discover you unique path to healing, transformation and increased well-being.

You can contact me here.

Neuroscience Research/ Stress and the Brain

Neuroscience research guides my work. Research shows that negative life events can cause stress responses in the brain which can result in individuals becoming paralyzed, or controlled by threatening & uncomfortable emotions & beliefs. Many symptoms are unconscious ways the mind has devised of avoiding unwanted or feared emotions & thoughts.

The Result includes:

Social struggles/Relationship issues

•Impulsive behaviors

•Depression & anxiety

•Sleep disturbances

•Decreased academic/work performance

Problems with attention

Current brain research and the concept of “neuroplasticity” offer encouragement that, as we change our habitual patterns, we develop new pathways in the brain which support our new behaviors. The exciting implication of this research is that our experiences, and where we put our attention, continue to shape our brains as we age. By learning and practicing mindful attention, we affect the structure and function of our brains, making it easier to stay present and less reactive, which improves our physical and mental health. Using individual therapy including IFS, EMDR & mindfulness practices, I provide clients with an opportunity to address unwanted symptoms (behaviors, emotions, sensations and beliefs) and to cultivate more ease, connection & well-being in their lives.

Possible results include:

·Skillful responses to difficult emotions

·Improved communication & relationships

·Increased self-awareness

·Improved conflict resolution skills

·Improved focus & concentration

·Increased empathy & understanding of others

I am committed to providing a safe, supportive environment and I offer acceptance and my caring presence as you grow, heal and transform. I see therapy as a collaborative process. I work with you to discover your unique path towards healing and well-being.

River View Wellness 321 Main Street, Suite B Winooski Vermont 05404 

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